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Mission Statement

We are living in a unique time. About 100 years ago, hundreds of thousands of people, living on the territory of present Slovakia , came to the United States of America, Canada, Argentina Australia  and other countries, looking for better life chances.

Now, some three generations later, their descendants are looking the way back to their roots. This time is unique in several respects; never before it was so easy to conduct a genealogical research and never before such huge and numerous Databases were at our disposal. Often only a click of a mouse away. Unique also, because there is still a chance to find someone in Old Country, that might remember some important details from the life of ancestors first hand.

Although the research is easier than ever, there are still many cases, which remained unsolved. Classical research with often painstaking efforts is needed to unveil the secrets of the past. Old and new methods and resources have to be combined in order to shell the truth.

Not every private researcher is happy enough to find himself in a position to conduct such a Genealogical research by himself. If you are one of those, you may find help I am offering you on the following pages.

Since 1998 I conduct genealogical research and other related services  on the territory of Slovak Republic, Bohemia, Moravia , Slovenia, and Eastern part of Austria. ( on request also Poland and Serbia)

In my work, the highest standards of honesty, personal conduct, professional ethics and responsibility are being applied and observed.


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